Smart Induction Motor Position Control System ABSO IM SERVO


Smart Induction Motor Position Control System ABSO IM SERVO

ABSO IM Servo is a positioning system with induction motors,
with acceleration and deceleration functions using a general induction motor.


Cost save with using inductionmotors with the following reasons:

  1. The initial and running costs of induction motors are already reasonable.
  2. Stable supply with the scandalized specifications
  3. Greater capacity is low cost comparing with servo motor
  4. Motor and inverter can be replaced separately

Fig:Induction motor

Improve Production Efficiency

ABSO IM Servo is a positioning system with the servo control, which provide the positioning stop in a shorter time with using the existing induction motors.

Fig: Improve Production Efficiency

Eazy Setting and Replacement

One of the best functions of ABSO IM Servo is Automatic Parameter Setting function, which saves the initial setting time dramatically.
ABSO IM servo is a combination of motor and absolute sensor, so you can reoperate the line without origin setting after the motor replacmenet.

Fig: Automatic parameter setting in communication

Fig: Absolute positioning detection in absolute format

System Configuration

Fig: ABSO IM SERVO System Configuration


Hoisting Application

There were only two choices for a discontinued servo motor, to use an expensive servo motor or induction motor with accepting the longer takt time.
Induction motor with ABSO IM Servo is the best solution with keeping the same takt time.
Spare cost is saved by the common spare parts.

Fig: Hoisting Application

Rotary Surface Plate (Welding)

Wasting the time with positioning by induction motor and limit switches
ABSO IM Servo saves the operation time in half and improves the production.

Fig: Rotary Surface Plate (Welding)

Welding Gun Transfer Application

New idea
Simplify the application with induction motor.
Takt time is in half compere to the existing application and production imporoved.
ABSO IM Servo is welcomed to the site with a great surprise with its operation quality.

Fig: Welding Gun Transfer Application