Application:Paper and Film Making Industry

NSD's Technology came from Harsh Environment

Converting industry is that specialize in combining raw materials such as plastics, rubbers, adhesives and metals, as well as other materials, to create new products. Materials such as plastic film, paper, foil and cloth often are produced in long, continuous sheets that are rolled up for more convenient handling. Typical converting processes are coating, laminating and printing. Many converting companies will process large diameter, wide rolls of material as this increases the converting efficiency by minimizing changes. On completion of the converting process the rolls are cut into smaller rolls on a slitting machine.
Such a big story that is currently proposed is explosion proof with higher durability sensor at converting industry because of its harsh environment involves a lot of explosion risk.
NSD's ABSOCODER is the best solution, and please see the major applications as right below.

Off-set rotary press

Paper and Film Making Industry:Application

NSD's Technology came from Harsh Environment

5 Coater Head Gap 7 Dancer Roll Angle 11 Slitter /  Cutter

  • 1 Air Knife Gap Detection VLS-8PS
  • 2 Tenter Clips Position MRE
  • 3 Rear Roller Position MRE VLS CYLNUC
  • 4 Linear Position of Holder Switch Inrodsensor
  • 5 Coater Head Gap VLS-EXI8PSM
  • 6 Accumulator Position MRE VLS
  • 7 Dancer Roll Angle MRE VRE
  • 8 Tension Measurement VR TENSION
  • 9 Calendar Roll Gap MRE Inrodsensor
  • 10 Turret Angle VRE Baumucouple(Slip-Ring) ABSOCOUPLER
  • 11 Slitter /  Cutter MRE
  • 12 Roller Temperature ABSOCOUPLER