ISO Standards


NSD quality and environment regulation management

NSD Corporation is a global manufacture and supplier of absolute position sensor and related systems with a wide range or industries and applications. The growth of position sensor market will be mainly triggered by the brooding of the spectrum of industry applications where the technology is used, as well as soaring demand of higher performance durability products and environmental system. All environmentally relevant processes at NSD Corporation are systematically monitored, evaluated and improved regarding resource protection and mission limitation. NSD Corporation is committed to providing quality products and service that fully meet customer and regulatory requirements through our strict quality improving process.

  1. We comply with the agreement and regulation
  2. We continuously improve our environmental management system
  3. We continuously enhance our design and manufacturing system to reduce the discharge and/or emission of pollutants
  4. We pursue a below action as an environmental management system
    • Energy Conservation
    • Resource Saving
  5. Waste Decrees

ISO 14001 certification

Standards ISO 14001 : 2015/JIS Q 14001 : 2015
Date of Acquisition September 21st 2007
Number of Acquisition JQA-EM5904
Certification Institution Japan Quality Assurance Organization

ISO 14001 attestation mark

ISO 14001 registration certificate


Quality Policy

The aim of NSD is to provide the customer quality criteria products, maintain and keep improving.

ISO9001 certification

NSD acquired ISO9001 and has implemented the quality assurance activity.

Standards ISO 9001 : 2015/JIS Q 9001 : 2015
Date of Acquisition April 4th, 2000
Number of Acquisition JQA-QM4661
Certification Institution Japan Quality Assurance Organization

ISO 9001 attestation mark

ISO 9001 registration certificate