• NSD is where the customer needs are We think only better technology for sensing.Be everywhere, do everything and never fail to satisfy the customer with the best solution.
  • NSD Creative Monozukuri NSD Creative Monozukuri offers the idea of processing the spirit to produce excellent products and the ability to constantly improve a production system.Being at the production line with customer, go back and do take action at there with the solution.
  • NSD Comes from Harsh Environment Heavy-duty position sensor for harsh environment.NSD's ABSOCODER has been proven its excellent durability and performance under aggressive contaminants, hot temperature and high shock especially steel works, chemical plant and anti-explosion place.
  • From Japan to World Over NSD is a global manufacture and supplier of absolute encoder and its related systems with a wide range of industries and applications. NSD has dedicated its best efforts toward developing, improving, and optimizing the performance of position sensors under the heavy-duty and poor-environment. NSD is the where the customer needs are.
  • NSD Official YouTube Channel NSD has opened an official YouTube channel. Please learn more about NSD’s heavy duty position sensors and the latest production / application information we share on our channel.

Products Select

  • Position Sensor
  • Magnetic Proximity Sensor
  • Eddy Current Displacement Sensor
  • Renewal Solution
  • Explosion Proof Solution
  • Tension Measurement
  • Slip-Ring & Wireless Transfer Device
  • Customized NSD Solution

Three Mainstreams of NSD

  • Manufacture : NSD designs, develops, manufactures, distributes and support at the site, the sensors and mechatronic products.
  • ODM : NSD designs and manufactures the ODM brands from microcomputer to control systems.
  • Trading : NSD asks, searches and proposes right products according to the customers' needs.

Synergy Effect : Manufacture,ODM,Trading Trading Manufacture ODM