• When They Go Cost We Go Solution True Heavy Duty and Fully Absolute Position Sensor “ABSOCODER” ABSOCODER, a fully absolute rotary encoder, operates with magnetic reluctance change technology. ABSOCODER has no electronics inside the sensor which in turn rastically reduces the sensor failure from heat, water, dust, oil, vibration, and shock.
  • SINCE 1955 “Create with Passion, Contribute the World, and Joy Together” The NSD story began more than 67 years ago with a simple idea, “Create with Passion, Contribute the World, and Joy Together”. NSD has become the leading provider of position sensors for heavy duty industries, and harsh environment automation as well as sensing solutions for better sensor technology requirements over the world.
  • ONE TEAM : GOING GLOBAL “NSD Is the where the Customer Needs Are” Performance above and beyond, NSD provides failure-free and maintenance-free position sensors to maximize your system up-time. NSD is actively developing and leading the sensor technologies to achieve our mission, and working together to empower global partners around the world.
  • EXTREMELY STRONG SENSOR “Outstanding Durability in Extremely Harshest Environments” In the competitiveness of the steel market today, down-time due to sensor failure is unacceptable. By far, the biggest advantage of using NSD’s position sensor is the reliability and unmatchable long-term installation under extremely harshest process environments.
  • LEADING THE FUTURE SENSOR TECHNOLOGY “Best Sensor Solution for Smart Factory and Advanced Factory Automation” NSD provides a wide selection of rugged position sensors, and customizable sensors that utilize premium performance to deliver reliable sensing solutions in tomorrow’s factory automation industry. Please meet our new sensor solutions and technologies.

Products Select

  • Position Sensor
  • Magnetic Proximity Sensor
  • Eddy Current Displacement Sensor
  • Renewal Solution
  • Explosion Proof Solution
  • Tension Measurement
  • Slip-Ring & Wireless Transfer Device
  • Customized NSD Solution

Three Mainstreams of NSD

  • Manufacture : NSD designs, develops, manufactures, distributes, and supports at the site, the sensor, and mechatronic products.
  • ODM : NSD designs and manufactures the ODM brands from microcomputers to control systems.
  • Trading : NSD asks, searches, and proposes the right products according to the customers' needs.

Synergy Effect : Manufacture,ODM,Trading Trading Manufacture ODM