Electro-Magnetic Rotary Sensor ezABSO ® Network Series


Electro-Magnetic Rotary Sensor ezABSO Network Series

ezABSO® is a brand new Rotary Encoder which is adopted Electromagnetic Induction Type.
ezABSO® is able to detect positions singly because the converter system is built in the sensor.


Electromagnetic Induction Type

  • The detection part of the sensor has a long lifespan due to non-contact structure.

There is no consubale parts

  • There is no LED, capacitor, battery, variable resistor inside encoder.

Excellent durability

  • Vibration resistance : 200m/S2
  • Shock resistance : 2,000m/S2
  • Protection rating : IP66

High resolution

  • Binary code
    Multi-turn: max. 2,301,100,032 divisions (8,778-turn x 262,144)
  • 262,144 is the number of divisions per turn.

High Reliability

  • Absolute position measurement with electromagnetic induction theory without using battery.


ezABSO ® Network Series Configuration

Up to 42 slave units can be connected for CC-Link.
Up to 124 slave units can be connected for PROFIBUS.
(If 32 or more slave units are connected, please use a repeater.)
Power supply lines are omitted in this figure.

Model coding


[1]Communication specification
Code Specifications


General Specifications

Item Specifications
Power supply voltage 10.8 ~ 28.8VDC
Power consumption 240mA or less (at 12VDC)
120mA or less (at 24VDC)
Vibration resistance (JIS C 60068-2-6) 200m/S2
Shock resistance (JIS C 60068-2-27) 2,000m/S2
Operationg temperature -20 ~ +80℃ No condensation
Storage temperature -20 ~ +90℃No condensation
Mass Approx. 0.5kg

Mechnical Specifications

Item Specifications
Principle Electromagnetic Induction Type
Shaft diameter 10mm
Protection rating IP66 (IP64 for sensor shaft during the operation)
Permissible shaft load Radial:40N  Thrust:20N
Permissible mechanical speed 6,000r/min
Linearity error 0.03°(±0.015°)
Material Body:Aluminum  Shaft:Stainless
Moment of inertia 1×10-6kgm2
Starting torque 0.02Nm

Encoder Performance

Item Specifications
Total number of turns 8,778
Number of divisions Max. 2,301,100,032 divisions (8,778-turn x 262,144)
※262,144 is the number of divisions per turn.
Output code Binary code
Moniter function ezSCOPE


Item Specifications
Interface CC-Link Ver.1.10 PROFIBUS-DP (V0)
Baud rate 10M/5M/2.5M/625k/156k [bps] 9.6k/19.2k/45.45k/93.75k/187.5k
/500k/1.5M/3M/6M/12M [bps]
(Automatic Baud Rate Identification)
Number of stations occupied 1 station
Stations type Remote device stations Modular device


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