NSD Creative Monozukuri

We make most of our parts with our own fabrication equipment to ensure the best quality. With the total solution, we do everything ourselves from product development to manufacturing, assembly, inspection, quality check, test, operational support, customer service and serial traceability.

NSD Creative Monozukuri

In Japanese, MONOZUKURI is a compound word comprising "MONO" which means "Products" (literally, "Thing") and "ZUKURI" which means "Process of Making or Creation". MONOZUKURI is not mindless repetition, it requires creative minds and it often related to craftsmanship.
NSD Creative Monozukuri offers the idea of processing the spirit to produce excellent products and the ability to constantly improve a production system to satisfy customer and market needs with our own technology.

Research and Design

NSD Corporation has manufacturing facilities and R&D centers located in Japan that deliver state of the art products. NSD has always been at the forefront of the evolution, development, and actively responding to new challenges.
Sensor Research and Design
Magnetic force research | Absolute sensor research | Eddy current research | Encoder design | Slip-ring search
Converter / Controller Research and Design
PCB design | Logic analysis | IC analysis | Wiring development | EMS analysis | EMI analysis | Lighting surge test

Quality Control System

NSD Corporation's QTMS(Quality Traceability Management System) realized near zero-failures and superiority of longest lifespan. Our quality control and components inspection process is an essential function of our quality process, ensuring the detection of suspect parts and preventative measures are in place

Peeling a wire bonding,Cross-section of the chip capacitor's electrode

Fabrication and Manufacturing

We do everything for our products. We make most of our parts with our own fabrication equipment to ensure the best quality , not only mechanical parts but also electrical PCB items.

Renewal Management System

In keeping with accepted industry practices, NSD Corporation periodically may elect to discontinue products. NSD Corporation has discontinued certain products due to difficulty in obtaining electrical and semiconductor IC parts, decreased production of these items.
However, we are working on such a long-term-storage with discontinued components NSD special treated storage room which is designed with fire and earthquake resistance system.

Vacuum-sealed parts  Vacuum sealer