Full Line-Up of ABSOCODER

Position sensor acts as a bridge between a mechanical system and digital electronics, turning rotary or linear positions into numbers. ABSOCODER is an electro-mechanical position sensor and should be installed at mechanical system to measure the position. ABOSOCODER is always required to connect with stand-alone NSD dedicated converter or controller at digital electronics system.


ABSOCODER Basic Configuration

ABSOCODER Basic Configuration / Water Proof

ABSOCODER Basic Configuration / Heavy Duty

ABSOCODER Basic Configuration / Explosion Proof

  • Position Sensor
    • Single Turn Rotary Position Sensor
    • Multi Turn Rotary Position Sensor
    • Linear Position Sensor
  • Cable
    • Standard Cable (Nonflexible solid tube cable)
    • Robotic Cable (Flexible tube cable)
    • Intrinsic Safety Barrier / Connecting cable
  • Converter / Controller
    • Binary / Gray Code Output
    • Pulse Output  ABSO PULPUL®
    • Cam Switch Output VARICAM®
    • Limit Switch Output VARILIMIT®
    • PLC Built-In Device
    • Network Device
    • Motion Control Output