Application:Steel Making Industry

Best solution for heavy-duty sensor
under harsh environment

Traditional industrial sensors, whether incremental or absolute, can meet the needs of many general / industrial motion control applications. However, these devices are more likely to fail when placed in operating environments that subject them to hot temperature, high shock & vibration, aggressive contaminants, long-term submersion in liquids & water vapor, or EMI noise. When traditional sensors fail, downtime costs related to sensor failure can quickly grow to several times the cost of the sensor itself. Sensor failure would eventually cause extensive damage especially iron and steel industry.
NSD's outstanding durability is achieved by a creative construction of the design which eliminates contact parts and zero electronic components inside sensor, and ABSOCODER has been field-proven with excellent durability & extremely long-term lifespan at steel make industry.

Steel Making Industry


Please meet NSD's actual application



  • 1 Coal Charging Car MRE
  • 2 Coke Pusher / Extrusion Amount MRE
  • 3 Furnace Cover Cleaner MRE
  • 4 Furnace Cover Lifter ABSO PX
  • 5 CDQ Bucket Presence Position ABSO PX
  • 6 Motor Shaft Thrust Direction Pull Detection EZ GAP



1 Ladle Crane Running / Traversing Position, 2 Ladle Crane Winding Lifting Position, 3 Lance / Sub-lance Lifting Position, 4 Converter Tilt Angle, 5 Steel Receiving Cart Stop Position MRE MRE MRE MRE ABSO PX

Continuous Casting Machine

図:Fig:Continuous Casting Machine

  • 1 Ladle Turret MRE
  • 2 Dummy Bar Car MRE
  • 3 Tundish Car CYLNUC MRE
  • 4 Mold Width Variable Stepping cylnuc
  • 5 Sliding Nozzle CYLNUC
  • 6 Segment-Soft Reduction / Inside Inrodsensor
  • 7 Segment-Soft Reduction / Outside Inrodsensor
  • 8 Measuring Roll MRE
  • 9 Torch Cutter MRE
  • 10 Roll Gap Sensor Roll Gap Sensor
  • 11 Slipring Baumcoupler

Hot Strip Mill (Heating Furnace)

Fig:Hot Strip Mill (Heating Furnace)

  • 1 Insertion Door / Extraction Door Lifting MRE
  • 2 Slab Extraction Equipment MRE
  • 3 Walking Beam (Straight) Inrodsensor CYLNUC
  • 4 Walking Beam (Rotation) MRE

Hot Strip Mill (Sizing Press)

Fig:Hot Strip Mill (Sizing Press)

  • 1 Anti-buckling Presser Roll Inrodsensor CYLNUC
  • 2 Mold Synchronization Mechanism MRE
  • 3 Width Adjustment Equipment MRE

Hot Strip Mill (Rolling Mill)

Fig:Hot Strip Mill (Rolling Mill)

  • 1 Chock Clamp ABSO PX
  • 2 Roll Recombination Cart ABSO PX
  • 3 Work Roll Shift Inrodsensor CYLNUC
  • 4 Electric Pressure Screw MRE
  • 5 Looper Equipment MRE
  • 6 Roll Drive Motor Rotation Speed ABSO PULPUL
  • 7 AWC / AGC Hydraulic Pressure Lifting (External) VLS
  • 8 AWC / AGC Hydraulic Pressure Lifting (Built-in) VLS
  • 9 Stripper Guide Lifting CYLNUC Inrodsensor

Hot Strip Mill (Down Coiler)

Fig:Hot Strip Mill (Down Coiler)

  • 1 Mandrel Expansion and Contraction VLS
  • 2 Wrapper Roll Inrodsensor CYLNUC
  • 3 Coil Car Running ABSO PX
  • 4 Coil Car Lifting Inrodsensor