Application:Steel Making Industry

Best solution for heavy-duty sensor
under harsh environment

Traditional industrial sensors, whether incremental or absolute, can meet the needs of many general / industrial motion control applications. However, these devices are more likely to fail when placed in operating environments that subject them to hot temperature, high shock & vibration, aggressive contaminants, long-term submersion in liquids & water vapor, or EMI noise. When traditional sensors fail, downtime costs related to sensor failure can quickly grow to several times the cost of the sensor itself. Sensor failure would eventually cause extensive damage especially iron and steel industry.
NSD's outstanding durability is achieved by a creative construction of the design which eliminates contact parts and zero electronic components inside sensor, and ABSOCODER has been field-proven with excellent durability & extremely long-term lifespan at steel make industry.

Steel Making Industry


Please meet NSD's actual application


Fig:Coke Riser tube cover opening/closing LS, Riser tube  three-way valve LS, CYLNUC Furnace cover bolt checking PX  ABSO PX Tar taking-off height position ABSOCODER Extruder cart running postion ABCOCODER Extruder rack position ABSOCODER Coke cart running position VARILIMIT Coke cart running position ABSOCODER Coal loading cart running position ABSOPULPUL Coal loading cart running position ABSOCODER

Continuous Casting

Fig:Continuous Casting Steel segment under light pressure CYLNUC Edge sensor Mold-width variable Stepping CYLNUC Swing tower hoisting, Ladle turret angle VARICAM/VARILIMIT Swing tower hoisting, Ladle turret angle CYLNUC/SRS EMS connector Roll gap sensor Torch cutter position ABSOCODER Torch cutter position ABSO PULPUL Sliding nozzle opening/closing CYLNUC or Stepping CYLNUC

Hot Roll Mill

Fig:Hot Roll Mill AGC VLS-8SM Top hat sensor MRE 1024S16TS Chock clamp ABSO PX Looper rotation speed PLG ABSOCODER Looper rotation speed PLG ABSO PULPUL Roll recomposing cable reel Baumcoupler Side guide CYLNUC AWC VLS-8SM Backup roll lower limit LS ABSO PX