Application:Water Gate Industry

Various NSD products registered to NETIS have required functions for water gate industry. NSD products are registered to NETIS.

NETIS Registered Sensor

NETIS (New Technology Information System) is a system in which Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism evaluates the technology of the private sector and through the nationwide promotes its usage among the public and private business field.



Water Gate Industry : Application

Fig: Water Gate Industry : Application


Pic: ABSOCODER sensor MRE-[ ]SP065 / MRE-[ ]SP105 Series

MRE-[ ]SP065 / MRE-[ ]SP105 Series

This is the true heavy-duty ABSOCODER sensor (multi-turn type) with dedicated for a water gate opening indicator.
The extension cable is up to 500m.
(NETIS registered product)

Pic: ABSOCODER sensor for high-resolution type VRE-16TS105 / for underwater type VRE-UWP105

VRE-16TS105 / VRE-UWP105 Series

The high-resolution and underwater type are also available for the true heavy-duty ABSOCODER sensor (single-turn type).
(NETIS registered product)

Gate Converter ezGATE®

Pic: Gate Converter GCW Series

GCW Series

NSD can provide gate converters "ezGATE®" depending on your water gate.

  • For the roller water gate
      GCW-10F5-G1 Series
  • For the radial and flap water gate
      GCW-10F5-G2 Series
  • For the roller water gate (with long-span gate)
      GCW-10F3 Series

Magnetic Proximity Sensor ABSO PX®

Pic: Sensor: HPS-M30MG / Magnet: HPM-34

Pic: Underwater sensor: HPS-UWM34D

Pic: Amplifier: PXA-20HMG

ABSO PX is a magnetic type proximity switch which detects a target with contact-free.
Some of the sensor parts can use at the depth of water up to 200m.
Two sensors can be connected with an amplifier.

  • True heavy-duty sensor
     Ambient operating temperature: -20 to +150℃
     (-30℃ type is also available.)
     Protection rating: IP67
     Vibration resistance: 2×102m/s2 (20G)
     Shock resistance: 4.9×103m/s2 (500G)
     Case material: Stainless
     Detection distance(20℃): 25 to 55mm
  • The operation status can be checked by the monitor LED.
  • The extension cable is up to 500m.
  • Underwater type is available.
     Pressure resistance: 20 hPa


Other Products

Pic: Wire position sensor Messenger wire MWS Series

Wire position sensor Messenger wire "MWS Series"

Messenger wire is built a ABSOCODER sensor into the wire unit.
The wire unit can be designed depending on the installation place.

Pic: Shaft rotation type water gate opening indicator XMS Series

Shaft rotation type water gate opening indicator "XMS Series"

"ABSOCODER" sensor is built into the water gate opening indicator.