Application:Water Gate Industry

NSD's Technology came from Harsh Environment.

Best solution for heavy-duty sensor under harsh environment

ABSOCODER® is constructed entirely of stainless steel and hermetically sealed for resistance against environmental elements. Its controller is separately located in control panel with max. 500m distance from sensor.

NETIS Registered Sensor
NETIS (New Technology Information System) is a system in which Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism evaluates the technology of the private sector and through the nationwide promotes its usage among the public and private business field.

Water Gate

Water Gate Industry : Application

Fig:Water Gate Industry  : Application


ABSOCODER Sensor  MRE-32/G□SP105 Series

MRE-32/G□SP105 Series

Detector for water gate limit switches
The extension cable up to 500m

Pic: In-water ABSOCODER sensor MRE-UW[]SP101 series

MRE-32/G□SP105 Series

MRE-UW[]SP101 series is the in-water ABSOCODER sensor, the depth of water up to 10m. The case material is stainless with high durability.

Pic: In-house ABSOCODER sensor, MRE-G[]SP065 series

In-house ABSOCODER sensor, MRE-G[]SP065 series

In-house detector for water gate limit switches
The extension cable up to 500m

Gate Converter

Gate Converter GCW Series

GCW Series

GCW series is the "Gate Converter" designed and developed to replace the water gate limit switches.
Two types of converter for roller gate and radial gate are available.

  • Scaling functions with measurement unit to fit to your needs
  • Multistage winding correction function and setting function for radial gate are available.
  • Continous error monitoring function
  • Simulation function at the maintenance


  1. For roller gate
  2. For radial gate

Extension unit

Extension unit GCW-EX Series

GCW-EX Series

GCW-EX is an expansion unit for the water gate conveter. You can create you own system using GCW-EX.

  • BCD, binary, UD analog voltage or analog current can be selectable.
  • Up to 9 units can be expanded.