Application:Tire Making Industry

NSD's Technology came from Harsh Environment


Best solution for heavy-duty sensor under harsh environment

Sulfuration is major industrial chemical processes used to make a diverse range of products, including rubber and tire. However, it is often pointed out that this chemical action is one major cause of electrical parts damage. NSD's anti-sulfuration solution, R Series, is designed to help increase the reliability of tire making industry in sulfuric or contaminated environment. Since our customers started to use R Series, the initial failure almost is not reported yet.


Fig: Mixer Oil Amount Checker MRE Drop Door Open/Close Inrodsensor Ram Cylinder Up/Down Inrodsensor Controlling the rollers' heights MRE Checking the Drop Door Open/Close ABSO PX

Extruding / Calendering

Fig: Calendering Measures the Rubber Thickness Touch Roll EZGAP Roll Up/Down MRE Roll Up/Down VLS Side Guide MRE Dancer Roll VRE

Cutting / Building

Fig: Building Side Guide MRE Stitcher MRE Cutter VRE Cutter MRE Transport Machine MRE Winding Drum VRE Laser Position MRE


Fig: Curing Chuck Plate Linear Position MRE Center Post Linear Position Inrodsensor Vertical Loader Position MRE Chuck Plate Angle Position VRE


Fig: Inspection Positioning of the Tire Inspection MRE Positioning of the Tire Inspection CSA Inspecting the Gaps at the Core and Side VLS Trimming for Side Surface of Tire MRE Balance Adjustment of the Grinder VRE Balance Adjustment of the Grinder MRE