Pulse Count Selectable Electro-Magnetic Rotary Sensor ezABSO® Pulse Series


Pulse Count Selectable Electro-Magnetic Rotary Sensor ezABSO

ezABSO® is a brand new Rotary Encoder which is adopted Electromagnetic Induction Type.
Position detection is available ezABSO® singly due to the converter system is incorporated inside.


Products in Comparison

Item Products in Comparison
ezABSO Advantage General Rotary Encoder (PLG)
Environmental resistance Electromagnetic Induction Type Optical Type
and life span
There is no light emitting, light receiving elements, nor an electrolytic capacitor inside the sensor, which is breakable.
The life span of general light emitting and light receiving elements is forty thousand hours. Being exposed to hotter temperature accelerates deterioration process even further. Some PLGs are used an electrolytic capacitor.
Resistor NO Use Use
The adjusted value might fluctuate.
Light and rigid Glass Epoxy Substrate makes sensing part more resistant to vibration shock. The circuit is protected by moisture-proof coating resin.
There is a glass slit disk which is vulnerable to vibrations and shocks, and it leads to cracks easily.
Vibration resistance 200m/s2 100m/s2
Shock resistance 2000m/s2 1000m/s2
Protection rating IP66 IP55~66(Depends on types)
Pulse count selection YES
The output pulse number can be changed by internal switch.
The output pulse number depends on glass slit, and cannot be changed.

Model coding

Standard model: EZA-SA[1][2]-04

[1]Output system
Code Specification
PL Push-pull
DR Line driver
[2]Pulse Rate [P/R] Option
Five output patterns are available. Select the following symbols [A] [B] [C] [D] [E] for [2] of the model.
The number of pulses of [A] to [E] can be set by the internal switch on the rear of the sensor.
[0] 100 [1] 200 [2] 300 [3] 500
[4] 512 [5] 600 [6]1000 [7]1024
[8]1200 [9]1500 [A]1536 [B]2000
[C]2048 [D]2400 [E]3600 [F]4096
[0] 10 [1] 128 [2] 192 [3] 256
[4] 360 [5] 384 [6] 400 [7] 720
[8] 800 [9] 900 [A]1600 [B]1800
[C]2500 [D]2560 [E]3000 [F]8192
[0] 25 [1] 100 [2] 120 [3] 200
[4] 300 [5] 400 [6] 500 [7] 600
[8] 900 [9]1200 [A]1500 [B]1536
[C]2000 [D]2048 [E]2400 [F]2500
[0] 3 [1] 4 [2] 20 [3] 24
[4] 30 [5] 40 [6] 60 [7] 150
[8] 250 [9] 600 [A] 750 [B] 900
[C]1200 [D]2800 [E]5000 [F]6000
[0] 5 [1] 25 [2] 36 [3] 60
[4] 100 [5] 128 [6] 192 [7] 200
[8] 600 [9] 900 [A]1200 [B]1500
[C]1800 [D]2400 [E]3000 [F]5000
Internal switch for pulse rate option



Item Specifications
Sensor model EZA-SAPL[ ]-04 *1 EZA-SADR[ ]-04 *1
Shaft diameter Φ15
Power supply voltage 10.8~26.4VDC
Current consumption 150mA or less (At no load)
Pulse number (Number of divisions) Switchable from 16 kinds of settings
Output circuit Push-pull Line driver (Equivalent to AM26C31 manufactured by Texas Instruments Incorporated)
Maximum response frequency for pulse output
200kHz 300kHz
Permissible mechanical speed 6000[r/min]
Protection rating IP66
Interconnecting sensor cable 2m

*1 [ ]: Pulse Rate [P/R] Option

Output waveform

Pulse output


  • PDF DownloadEZA-SAPL[ ]-04
    EZA-SADR[ ]-04

L type flange-mount fixture (Mounting bracket option)

Model : RB-11-04

L type flange-mount fixture

  • PDF DownloadEZA-SAPL[ ]-04
    With L type flange-mount fixture RB-11-04

Contact us about other L type flange-mount fixture (Mounting bracket option).


ezSCOPE is a sensor visualization tool. By connecting the two lines of the sensor output line to the ezSCOPE main unit, it is possible to capture the sensor internal data via the USB to the PC. The captured data can be displayed on the PC monitor in real time with numerical values and waveforms. It also has a data backup function. The wiring from the sensor to ezSCOPE can be extended. Since the sensor connection input part of ezSCOPE is insulated, it doesn't affect the sensor operation.

The infrared transmission module (option) can be used to transmit data to ezSCOPE main unit.