Heavy Duty Linear type ABSOCODER Sensor VLS®


Heavy Duty Linear type ABSOCODER Sensor VLS®

NSD linear absolute position sensor VLS ABSOCODER is an electro-mechanical sensor that measures the linear travel length and amount under magnetic reluctance change. ABSOCODER's outstanding durability with field proven performance is achieved by a creative construction of the design which eliminates mechanical contact parts and satisfies zero-electronics inside sensor. True heavy duty VLS series has been proven its excellent performance and durability especially to focus on AGC/AWC application under high vibration, high temperature, and water vapor environment.

Model coding

Ex. VLS-8SM20-100-FBB2

①Sensor model ②Stoke ③Mounting ④Connector type ⑤Interconnecting sensor cable
VLS-8SM20 -□ F
VLS-8SM14 -□ F
VLS-8SM14S -□ F
①Sensor model
VLS-8SM20 (High-resolution)
VLS-8SM14 (High-resolution)
VLS-8SM14S (High-resolution)
50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 50, 100, 150, 200
F[Flange-mount type]
④Connector type
⑤Interconnecting sensor cable
2[2m] 5[5m] 10[10m] 15[15m] 20[20m]

Mounting F:[Flange-mount type]  B:[Standard connector]  R:[Crimp-type terminal]

System Configuration

Fig:Heavy Duty VLSS® System Configuration Binary / Gray Output(NCV-30H) SSI Output(NCV-220HSSI) Pulse Output(NPG-220H) MELSEC Built-In(VS-R262BH/VS-QA262B) Toshiba Network(AB9) PROFIBUS-DP Network(NCW-3DHPR) PROFINET Network(NCW-3DHPN)