Heavy Duty Linear type ABSOCODER Sensor VLS®


Heavy Duty Linear type ABSOCODER Sensor VLS®

NSD linear absolute position sensor VLS ABSOCODER is an electro-mechanical sensor that measures the linear travel length and amount under magnetic reluctance change. ABSOCODER's outstanding durability with field proven performance is achieved by a creative construction of the design which eliminates mechanical contact parts and satisfies zero-electronics inside sensor. True heavy duty VLS series has been proven its excellent performance and durability especially to focus on AGC/AWC application under high vibration, high temperature, and water vapor environment.


Model coding

Ex. VLS-8SM20-100-FBB2

①Sensor model ②Stoke ③Mounting ④Connector type ⑤Interconnecting sensor cable
VLS-8SM20 -□ F
VLS-8SM14 -□ F
VLS-8SM14S -□ F
①Sensor model
VLS-8SM20 (High-resolution)
VLS-8SM14 (High-resolution)
VLS-8SM14S (High-resolution)
50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 50, 100, 150, 200
F[Flange-mount type]
④Connector type
⑤Interconnecting sensor cable
2[2m] 5[5m] 10[10m] 15[15m] 20[20m]

Mounting F:[Flange-mount type]  B:[Standard connector]  R:[Crimp-type terminal]

System Configuration

Fig:Heavy Duty VLSS® System Configuration Binary / Gray Output(NCV-30H) SSI Output(NCV-220HSSI) Pulse Output(NPG-220H) MELSEC Built-In(VS-R262BH/VS-QA262B) Toshiba Network(AB9) PROFIBUS-DP Network(NCW-3DHPR) PROFINET Network(NCW-3DHPN)


Item Specification
Sensor model VLS-8SM20 VLS-8SM14 VLS-8SM14S
Stroke(mm) 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 50, 100, 150, 200
Absolute detection range(mm) 8.192
Resolution(μm) 1
Mass Head (kg) 4.5+0.15×cable length(m) 1.3+0.07×cable length(m) 1.1+0.07×cable length(m)
Rod (kg) 0.4+0.0025×stroke(mm) 0.0012×rod length(mm)
Linearity error(mm) Customer's special specifications
Sliding resistance(N {kgf}) 69{7} or less 15{1.5} or less
Permissible mechanical speed(mm/s) 1000
Ambient temperature Operating(℃) -10〜+80
Storage(℃) -10〜+80
Vibration resistance 2.0×102m/s2 {20G} 200Hz up /down 4h, forward/back/left/right each 2h,
conforms to JIS D1601 standard
Shock resistance 4.9×103m/s2 {500G} 0.5ms up/down 3 times,
conforms to JIS C5026 standard
Protection rating IP67(JEM1030)
Max. sensor
cable length
Standard cable (m) 200(3S-S)
Robotic cable (m) 100(3S-RBT)
Interconnecting sensor cable (m) 2, 5, 10, 15, 20

Resolutions of the sensor are different depending on which converter or controller is being used together.Please check the resolutions per turn by specifications of the converter or controller that you plan to use.


High-resolution type

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Application Introduction