Baumcoupler® Customized type


Customized type Slip-Ring Baumcoupler®

NSD original silver-alloy contact slip-ring for the electric power and data signal
customizing the slip ring in accordance with your specification.



Serial communication with PLC
Even if the electric voltage and current are weak, the Baumcoupler can energize in a stable condition because of the unique structure whose contact point is made of silver alloy. The abrasion powder which generates a noise sweeps out, so the Baumcoupler is also good to measure or to control.
Energizes both the motor power supply and the control signal simultaneously
NSD makes the Baumcoupler for each worksite, so we can comply with your every request in the specification such as the installation space or special electric specification. The Baumcoupler can integrate the super current (motor power supply), ABSOCODER, PLG,and weak control signal (analog signal) into one unit.
Transmits 100A current without sparks and noises
Combining with several brushes with a contact point made of silver alloy, the Baumcoupler can transmit up to 100A. The carbon brush and mercury types aren't able to do so.
20-million rotation durability
It is unnecessary to maintain the silver contact-point slip ring up to 1-million rotation. If the contact point grease (PS) is reapplied to all rings once every one-million rotation, the Baumcoupler can be used up to 20-million rotation.
The protection structure can achieve IP65 by corresponding to each environment.
The protection cover made of SUS is also available, thereby the structure has excellent water and chemical resistances.
Compatible with CC-Link
Slip-ring with CC-Link network is available.

CC-Link (Link to external website)To an external site



Dram type(3TB)
The strip shape which is used in the conventional carbon brush type is available.
This product is the same shape as the carbon brush type slip ring.

Compact type
NSD can design the Baumcoupler in minimum size in accordance with your electric specification. This is a palm-sized Baumcoupler.

Multipolar type (3TA)
The multiple disc plates provide more than 100P in a compact body, so the slip ring can be designed and made in the compact size.

Environmental resistance type
The SUS cover has excellent corrosion resistance. It is well-sealed, and it enables to use in the adverse environment.

Built-in type
NSD newly designs the Baumcoupler to fit on the narrow space of existing device. The installation method is also designed to fit in existing device.

Order-made is available.

Comparison between NSD and other brands

Item Specification Remarks
(Brand name)
Company "A" Company "B" -
Contact point material Siliver alloy Carbon brush Mercury -
Compactness × The disc type can shorten the length toward the thrust direction, compared to the carbon type.
Number of poles × The mercury type can provide only up to 8-pole. The NSD's model can provide up to 800-pole.
Microcurrent,microvoltage × This has been used for signal lines for serial communication, thermocouples, and load cells.
Super current × The NSD's model has provided 100A.
The carbon brush type has a spark and noise problem.
High-speed rotation
100rpm,300rpm (The mercury type can provide 3000rpm.)
For the NSD's model, apply the contact point grease once every 1-million rotations.
× NSD will receive any order from one unit.

Know-how for noise cancellation / 20-million rotation durability

The abrasion powder causes generating noise sources when a brush contacts with a sliding ring. Naturally, if the contact surface is large, the abrasion powder gets into a space between a brush and a sliding ring, and it will generate a noise easily.

In the noise cancellation structure newly developed, it reduces the abrasion powder generating by using the special silver alloy to the contact faces. NSD adopted the contact-point type of slip ring in order to reduce the contact area, and the structure is designed to sweep out the abrasion powder outside.

In our test result, the Baumcoupler doesn't generate any noise up to one-million rotation without the maintenance. If the contact point grease (PS) is reapplied to all rings periodically, the Baumcoupler can be used up to 20-million rotation, without noise.

Fig:Know-how for noise cancellation / 20-million rotation durability


Filling machine

The Baumcoupler can transmit the driving power supply and drive signal of each valve simultaneously.
It is ideal also for transmitting a multiplex signal.

Filling machine

Cable reel

The conventional carbon brush type slip ring had a contact failure by the
vapor occasionally.
A contact failure is prevented by using a metal-contact-point type slip ring which applied the lubrication grease.

Cable reel


For the paper feeder, the servo motor is increasingly used for controlling the tension.
The Baumcoupler can certainly transmit both the power signal for the super current motor and the sensor signal for the feedback at the same time.