Binary / Gray Output Converter NCV-30N


Binary / Gray Output Converter NCV-30N

General purpose of digital binary or gray code output converter


Model coding


[1]Output code
Code Output code
B Binary
G Gray
[2]Output system
Code Output system
N Sink type
[3]Applicable sensor
Code Applicable sensor
LC CSA Cylinder

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ABSOCODER Basic Configuration

  • Position Sensor
    • Position Sensing Smart Cylinder
  • Cable
    • Cable 3P-S-0102/3P-RBT-0102
  • Converter / Controller
    • NCV-30N


General specification

Item Specification
Power supply voltage 24VDC±10% (including ripple)
Power consumption 10W or less
Insulation resistance 20MΩ or more between external DC power terminals and ground (by 500 VDC insulation resistance tester)
Withstand voltage 500 VAC, 60Hz for 1 minute between external DC power terminal and ground
Vibration resistance 20m/s2
10 ~ 500Hz, 10cycles of 5 minutes in 3 directions,
conforms to JIS C 0040 standard
Ambient operating temperature 0 ~ +55℃ (No freezing)
(Surrounding air temperature rating of 55℃ maximum)
Ambient operating humidity 20 ~ 90 %RH (No condensation)
Ambient operating environment Free from corrosive gases and excessive dust
Ambient storage temperature -10 ~ +70℃
Grounding Must be securely grounded (ground resistance of 100 ohm or less)
Construction Book-shelf type within enclosure, DIN rail mountable
Outside dimension (mm) 39(W)×155(H)×93(D) Refer to dimensions for details.
Mass Approx. 0.4kg

Performance Specification

Item Specification
Converter model NCV-30NBNLC
Number of detection axes 1
Position data sampling time 0.2ms
Status output signal Latch pulse (Position data reading timing) : 1 point
System ready : 1 point
Input signals Position data hold signal : 1 point
Zero point setting signal : 1 point
Error clear signal : 1 point
Front panel function Zero point setting, error clear
(on rear face of product)
Position data increase/decrease direction setting (CW / CCW) :1point
Position data
update cycle
High-speed 0.2ms
Low-speed 12.8ms
HOLD signal
Transparent format
PC synchro format
Position data output format Binary code output
Sign magnitude code
Minus zone "0" output
Monitor LED Output state monitor Position data output, latch pulse output
Input state monitor HOLD input, zero point setting input, error clear input
Error state monitor Sensor disconnected error, sensor data error, memory error,
low power error, -5V power supply error, LPA error

Number of divisions, resolution, and sensor cable length of the ABSOCODER sensor

Item Specification
Converter model NCV-30NBNLC NCV-30NGNLC
Output code Binary Gray
Applicable sensor CSA
Absolute detection range 12.8mm
Resolution 0.00156mm
Position detection format Semi - absolute position detection
Max. sensor cable length Standard 100m
Robotic(RBT) 50m

I/O spcification

Item Specification
Converter model NCV-30NBNLC
Input Input signals HD (Position data HOLD) : 1 point
ZPS (Zero point setting signal) : 1 point
CLR (Error clear signal) : 1 point
Input circuit DC input, photo-coupler isolation
Input logic Negative logic
Rated input voltage 12 ~ 24VDC(10 ~ 27VDC)
Rated input current 10mA(24VDC)
ON voltage 10VDC or more
OFF voltage 4VDC or less
Output Output signals D0D23 (Position data) : 24 points
NOR (System Ready) : 1 point
LP (Latch pulse: position data reading timing): 1 point
Output circuit Open drain sink output, photo-coupler isolation
Output logic Negative logic
Rated load voltage 12 ~ 24VDC (30VDC max.)
Max. load current 50mA
Max. voltage drop when ON 0.8 V or less


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